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Volcanic male orgasm using cock ring/band
After my vasectomy, I noticed a different kind of feeling in my balls after masturbating and sex. It was not unpleasant at all, but different. After climaxing, it seemed that sperm was finding its way into totally different areas of my genitals than before.

I had used the cock ring before, but had no inkling what it was going to be like after the operation had possibly made some ?alterations? to my sex circuitry. So the next time I masturbated, I got hard and used a long elastic band instead of a ring. I noticed as soon as it was tight around the base of my cock and around my balls that the level of excitement in my cock and balls shot up like a rocket. Within a minute or two, I could hardly touch my cock, I felt so close to ejaculation. I felt my cock had almost assumed control and demanded that I take it to full orgasm.

My breath was coming in fits and my face felt flushed. I lay down on my bed and stroked my member in my usual way, but the results with the band were beyond my imagining.

The band held back the cum inside and probably made it recirculate directly back to my balls. Whatever, my first ejaculation pump spasm was so incredibly intense, I had to gasp for breath. As each spasm came, the pleasure grew even more. I was seeing stars and my pleasure level was at full orgasm and if anything getting more intense. It was unbelievably glorious. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! But each jolt of my pump spasm with its resulting pleasure spike brought me back. It was like an ongoing grand mal seizure of pure bliss.

It was all I could do to not yield to the impulse to rip the elastic off. I was bellowing like a bull at nearly every spasm, and my head was swimming with a light that intensified with the passing spasms. I pulled my abs in and noticed that my torso was laid bare in bas-relief. You could see every twitch. I was very lean at the time and you could plainly make out all the sinews of my abs muscle and the other muscles and tendons around my pubic bone. I wanted someone to sit on my abs right then and feel my body respond to the rush of pure bliss.

I felt like a torrent of raw pleasure was tearing through my body at each pump and I knew that my balls would begin to tire soon, but I let it go on for about 3 minutes. I was panting for breath, involuntarily roaring like a lion in heat, and my cock had expanded to about 20% longer and thicker than at normal. I could see the veins stand out, throbbing, looking like they were about to burst.

After about 4-5 minutes, I mustered enough strength to rip off the band and the pumping stopped. A large blob of jism came out onto my abs, thick and steamy. It seemed hot to my touch.

My balls had been tortured and teased beyond measure and were aching like I had never felt before. But it felt so good and actually I was able to keep largely hard even after the removal. I was totally erect in another 10 minutes or so, even though I knew I was too exhausted to do it again right then.

I realized that I had experienced something that normally is reserved for women during a fisting experience, when a hand is totally inside them, caressing their cervix and other internal hot spots, and keeping their orgasm alive continuously.

Later, after a few days, I mentioned my experience to my girlfriend at the time and she wanted me to do it in our sex play together. She wanted to place the band on my cock and balls herself. So I got into position and she carefully wrapped my cock and balls, pulling it tighter than I had, but not pinching.

She put the condom on and started to stroke my rod with both hands. My veins were bulging again and she liked the feel of the blood pumping inside them. In just a few seconds, the first pump spasm started and I was rapt out of my mind just like before. My cock was jerking with each spasm but my lover steadied it and let it penetrate her vagina as she sat on top of me. She could feel my spasms as I struggled to keep conscious, but my cock was right up against her cervix and she started to cum also. She leaned over me, enjoying her own climax and feeling my abs with her hands as they twisted and convulsed with each pleasure pump.

She rode me for about 4 minutes and I let her remove the band as I was getting too tired to sit up. My eyes were glazed over and I was breathing very fast and very hard with each roar of pleasure.

It was a very unique experience, to say the least! The only thing I regret not being able to do in that situation is to be more attentive to her orgasm. The pleasure is so powerful it?s all I can do to simply keep conscious. But she managed to have a couple due to the deep penetration and cervix contact.

I?ve compared notes with a number of men and have not found any others who get this kind of reaction from the cock ring or band. Most get a stronger orgasm, but not a longer one. Certainly not one that seems to never stop. I still think it must have been something done in my vasectomy operation that was different. I can?t say I?m unhappy about this newfound ability! The aching of the balls for several days after each one is well worth it, in my opinion.

Anyway, I use the band now and then for masturbation (only when there's nobody around to hear me!) but would be open to trying it with women again if I could find someone who would not take offense at the pleasure?s power to remove me from active lovemaking, such as kissing, caressing, fondling etc. This is more like an explosion of sex energy like a volcano. I still think the best sex is more like the running of a stream?gradual, imperceptible, but gaining momentum all the way.

One way to make it more ?communal? is to have a number of women participate. One would hold my arms straight above my head as I lay face-up on the bed or floor, and another would hold my lower legs. A third would sit directly on my lower abs, right above my pelvic bone, and the 4th would be ready to impale herself on my rod. Once I was in full spasm, the 4th could let herself down onto me while the third felt my torso struggling with the surges of raw pleasure. If they wanted, they could switch off and rotate, as I would be easily able to survive in total climax for 4 full minutes, maybe 5.

I don?t know what it would take to reproduce this, as I think it was an accidental byproduct of my vasectomy operation. I would NOT recommend anyone getting a vasectomy just for this, or getting a new one if they already had it! There may be some danger in a prolonged orgasm if you have a weak or irregular heart.